Mental and Behavioral Health: Pennsylvania and Nationwide

Mental and behavior health problems have seen a steady increase in recent years, some exacerbated by the struggles brought about by the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. In Lancaster, PA alone, 1 in 4 adults have been informed they have a depressive disorder. In May of this year, people of all ages reported that they struggled with their mental health on one or more days, according to the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey. From the ages 18-44, 39% admitted to struggling, 29% from the ages 45-64, and 19% from those 65 and older. 

Pennsylvania’s mental health statistics are also staggering. According to NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness), 1,814,000 adults in the state have a mental health condition, 447,000 of those considered serious. The national data on mental and behavioral health also paints a bleak picture. Nearly 1 in 5 Americans live with a mental illness. 19.85% of adults report at least one mental health concern. This is an increase of 0.85% from last year. The number of adults considering suicide has also sadly increased to nearly 5%. 

Perhaps most chillingly, over 50% of adults with mental health concerns have not received any care. It is essential to understand and address roadblocks to receiving care, whether that be financial troubles or accessibility, so that those suffering from mental and behavioral health concerns can get the support they need. 

LMC Legacy Foundation understands that these are staggering statistics. The collaboration of the spiritual and the emotional can bring a deeper understanding as people pursue mental wellness. Through our grants, support, and partnership with other nonprofit organizations, we strive to ensure that those in need of mental and behavioral healthcare can find hope and healing.