Hope impacts the world by inspiring big visions. Bringing hope to those facing mental health challenges is not a small dream. As we see society fracture and more polarization take hold every day, anxiety and depression are on the rise. Genuine changemakers believe that a better way is possible for children, teens, adults, and families facing crisis. LMC Legacy Foundation is the grant-maker to fund “a better way” for your community, healing for minds and hearts, and change in the world.

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Lifechanging Vision

This dream of embracing hope, healing and wholeness takes organizations with vigor, inspiration, grit, and innovation. Bring your lifechanging vision to LMC Foundation today!

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Innovative Mission

LMC Legacy Foundation promotes hope, healing and wholeness through integrative behavioral healthcare resources that nurture mental health, resilience and innovation.


Finding a Better Way

“We don’t need this farm. God gave this miraculously. Maybe the Lord wants this farm for a purpose. Since we are childless, the state will claim much in taxes, used to destroy the bodies and souls of men. It is much better to give it to the Lord to save both bodies and souls.”
— Graybill Landis, 1949

Stories: Our Grants Change Lives

Harness the Liberating Power of Forgiveness

Glenn R. Schiraldi, Ph.D. Psychology Today blog post, October 3, 2022 Read Article on Paces Connection Research has established that forgiveness frees us from the painful chains that bind us to the past. Those who…

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Taming Underground Shame from the Early Years

Glenn R. Schiraldi Ph.D., Hidden Wounds Read full article on Psychology Today Even after disturbing memories from childhood have been reworked, lingering remnants of shame can disrupt one’s peace and sense of wholeness…

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501(c)(3) Sponsored


Primarily Serves Southeast PA Communities

June 30 and December 31

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The typical awarded grant has been approximately $25,000 – $75,000.