Funded Projects in 2019

Paige Harker, GOAL Project

Grant Title: F.A.I.T.H. Initiatives Program (Face Addiction with Intervention and Training for Healing)

Grant Focus Area: F.A.I.T.H. Initiatives addresses addiction in all forms – both substance and behavioral, from prevention to overdose.

Award: $35,000

Project Description: GOAL’s innovative F.A.I.T.H. (Face Addiction with Intervention and Training for Healing) Initiatives Program provides certified, evidence based training for clergy and lay leaders facilitated and taught by skilled, professional trainers.  GOAL comes alongside churches so that they may offer transformational support for sustained healing to parishioners who may be afflicted by addiction or by the debilitating effects of loved ones struggling with addiction.  GOAL’s training provides illumination on the negative effects of shame induced fear, despair, and indifference towards individuals afflicted with addiction and more specifically, to the alarming opiate epidemic.  F.A.I.T.H. Initiatives training opens the  door to healing, compassion, acceptance and participation through three anchor workshops delivered over a 12-month period, followed by quarterly gatherings offering advanced skills training and a forum to share best practices.

Alison Swann, Transition to Community/The Potter’s House

Grantee: Alison Swann, Transition to Community/The Potter’s House

Grant Title: The Potter’s House of Ruth – Women’s Addiction Recovery & Discipleship Center

Grant Focus Area: The Potter’s House of Ruth will specifically address mental and emotional health (substance abuse, trauma, domestic and sexual violence, etc.) and physical health (health history) through 24/7 supervision and intensive intake surveys.

Award: $50,000

Project Description: The Potter’s House of Ruth project provides a new program and facility in Lancaster that is specifically designated to serve women as a safe place to recover from addiction and experience Christ-centered discipleship. The program ministers to the whole individual by addressing their physical (substance abuse recovery, housing), emotional (counseling, life coaching, family restoration), and spiritual (discipleship, church involvement) needs.

Ms. Linda Witmer (EMU Lancaster partnering with We Rise International)

Grant title: Christian Faith Communities Improving Outcomes in Mental Illnesses and Addictions

Grant Focus Area: to build the capacity of Christian faith communities to support individuals and families living with mental illnesses or addictions.

Award: $69,000

Project Description: This project will empower Christian churches to understand the needs of individuals with mental illnesses and addictions in their churches and communities by providing them with helpful spiritual, emotional and social support and referrals to local mental health and addiction providers.  It will also incorporate churches more effectively into the system of care by creating partnerships between faith communities and mental health and addiction providers to increase all-around support to individuals and families experiencing mental illness or an addiction.

Mr. Joseph Wesley Furlong, Sr.

Grant Title: City Flourish

Grant Focus Area: to develop a research, development and training center dedicated to equipping the church for effective community development.

Award: $59,400

Project Description: City Flourish a research, development and training center dedicated to equipping the church for effective community development. The vision for City Flourish is not to replace the ministry of the local church.  As a church, we must know and love our neighbors and practice hospitality.  It is vital that we get to the place where people look to the church meet real needs.